Saturday, December 14, 2013

I'm Such a Rebel

Yesterday I helped throw a baby shower for a colleague at work.  For someone whose due date is 11 days after what mine was.  It wasn't real easy doing, but made me look forward to when I'll have one someday. :) 

I stopped at Babies R Us to get something off her registry which also happened to be the coldest day so far with winter... like wind chill below zero cold.  I pulled into the parking lot and saw all the parking stalls close to the building that were reserved for "Expecting Mothers" and I drove past them and parked.  Then I looked around.  There weren't many people out so I backed out of my parking spot, circled around, and pulled into the first spot reserved for expecting mothers.  I didn't feel guilty one bit. 

That's about as rebellious I get folks. :)