Friday, December 21, 2012

CD 1

Okay, so technically today is CD 5 but I just haven't had a chance to write this week.  I knew it was bound to happen, and was hoping for it to come sooner than later for timing *things* out.  If it would have come any later we would have been in Missouri when I should be having the ultrasound, so it all worked out.  The plan for this month is doubling the Letrozole, internal ultrasound on day 11, and the shot on day 12.  We shall see...

I've been snowed in the last two days due to a monstrous snow storm/blizzard.  I have to admit snow days were more fun when I still got paid for them.  But nevertheless, it's been nice to spend some extra time with the hubby and knock some things off my to do list. 

Anyone else get snowed in this week or have anything fun planned for the weekend?



Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just one of those weeks...

Have you ever had just one of those weeks?  Where it has just dragged on and on and on?  That's been this week so far.  Last weekend involved a quick trip to Minnesota in the midst of winter and blizzard watches and warnings to visit my grandpa who isn't expected to make it much longer.  Lots of driving in a short amount of time with crappy weather all around us.

Also, Austin had surgery on Wednesday.  Miscommunication between the clinic and hospital staff created a fiasco before surgery because they missed quite a little detail that could potentially have life and death consequences.  To make a long story short, Austin has a family history of malignant hypothermia which the anesthesiologist was not made aware of until we were there, which is a very big deal.  My day off of work to take care of Austin and allow me to check things off the to do list (Christmas cards, studying for final exam, baking, etc.) was a day off of work spent ALL day at the hospital and accomplishing nothing instead.   

BUT...being stuck in Minnesota meant more time with my mom's family, which I can never get enough of.  It also gave me the chance to experience some wonderful memories in the short time I was at the nursing home.  I'll never forget grandpa's chuckle when Daniel and Kenny cracked jokes about hunting or saying goodbye to him and seeing tears in his eyes and seeing a glimpse of the grandpa I remember. 

BUT...I was able to spend some time catching up with my cousin Mandy (, David, and their little girl Mia who is just the cutest little thing ever.  Sitting in our sweats hanging out for awhile was just what I needed. 

BUT...seeing Daniel and hearing him talk about the pride he has in becoming a sixth(?) generation farmer brought tears to my eyes.  

BUT...Austin's surgery went well and spending a day in the hospital is nothing compared to what some families are currently going through. 

So...especially considering that tomorrow is Friday, I am still feeling BLESSED.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Go Pack Go

My husband would say I am slightly obsessed with the Green Bay Packers, and I wouldn't be able to disagree with him. In honor of the Pack beating the team that must not be named last weekend, here are some pictures in Packer Country from the last couple of years.
I can't believe we talked our dad into that!
Notice the awesome Zumba pants!

How in the world do they leap that high?!


Our awesome pink towels for breast cancer awareness!

Sibling love with Aaron Rodgers!

Last year opening game September 11th.

Walking out of the tunnel to see this...priceless!

So happy...and so cold!

There may or may not have been alcohol involved in the taking of this picture...