Wednesday, April 24, 2013

IUI #2

I haven't updated on here lately but here is where we're at:
Day 3 - Letrozole
Day 4 - Letrozole
Day 5 - Letrozole
Day 6 - Letrozole
Day 7 - Letrozole
Day 8 - Follistim injection
Day 9 - Follistim injection
Day 10 - Follistim injection
Day 11 - Ultrasound - Nothing there. Yup, nothing. Doctor didn't have an explanation as to why my body refused to respond to the hundreds of dollars worth of medicine and said based on the lining it didn't look like I ovulated early.  More meds and another ultrasound prescribed.  Additional Follistim injection.
Day 12 - Additional Follistim injection
Day 13 - Ultrasound - Two follicles on the left side measuring about 17.  We're on for IUI # 2.
Day 15 - Ovidrel injection
Day 17 - IUI #2

I've been in a little fertility funk after our first failed IUI and am really just getting exhausted from...everything... with that said, we've decided to take a break from going to the fertility clinic for the summer for a couple of reasons:

1) Summer is fun... and busy... we already have weekends booked with weddings, vacations, and camping trips.  I don't have control over my cycle and I would just feel better about life if I'm not having to worry about it in the midst of summer plans.  "Oh geez Dan, I would love to come to your wedding but it happens to fall on Day (choose your own number) and I have to (choose ultrasound, blood work, or turkey baster procedure)."

2) I need a break from the meds.  I've been on fertility drugs for two years now and I feel my body and I just need a break from them.  I am hoping having a summer without unexplainable crabbiness, mood swings, hot flashes, and headaches will put me back in the right spot come fall. 

3) It gives me a chance to hopefully have a "real" job by the end of the summer.  This in turn would mean more money for us to save for any potential procedures/adoptions down the road.  We've been surviving on my meager pay so we're looking forward to the amount of money we can potentially save once/if that changes.  I had a job interview so I'm hoping for some changes in a month... hopefully!

Taking a break from the clinic doesn't mean we're taking a break from trying.  We'll just be doing it the natural way and see what happens.  Maybe just "relaxing" will be the cure. (FYI - Do not EVER tell an infertile to just relax and then she'll get pregnant.  I may just snap right back at you and tell you to just relax your cancer or obesity or diabetes or heart disease or IBS or insert any disease away.  Yes, I know you heard of this one story where this one person knew another person who heard this story about this other person that got pregnant and soon as they adopted or "stopped trying".  It's a myth people.  The actual percentage of that happening is small.)

Wow, I'm starting to rant and rave about nothing so it looks like a sign that I should end this post.  Prayers for a positive outcome in a couple of weeks please! 

Monday, April 8, 2013

IUI #1 = Fail

Well, one IUI under our belt without the results we were hoping for.  My cycle made it only 26 days which is unusual for me.  I'm not really sure how to describe how I feel about it.  Disappointed for sure, but maybe numb is a better word at the moment.  Being such a short cycle caught me completely off guard... and I had to go right into the "next cycle" mode calling the doctor and three pharmacies maybe just numb... and tired...ha!

We're going to continue with the same dosages of medication this round but are adding in a day 3 (tomorrow) ultrasound and blood work.  I think it's just a baseline to see how ready my body is for this next round...but quite honestly I am really not sure and will find out more tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted.