Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Desiring Him More Than Just His Answers

Waiting sometimes can just suck.  I really had considered myself a pretty patient person - until we've hit month seven of waiting.  I have to keep telling myself the average wait time is two years... but, ugh, that's a long time!  There are moments where I feel that the waiting is just a waste of time, even though we make efforts to enjoy the little things in life during this season.  A couple of weeks ago our sermon was about waiting.  God knew just what I needed to hear and I could not swipe fast enough on my phone to take notes.  One of the things the pastor talked about was desiring God more than just His answers.  That really struck a chord with me.  Too often I am just waiting for the outcomes, trying to know what the answers will be.  In reality, I should intentionally and actively pursuing Him.  As in right now.  This season.  Keep working to bloom right where I am planted, right at this moment.  I need to remember that the faith, gratitude, and trust that I have is enough and that those things will continue to keep me close to Him.       

My hope is that if anyone who is reading this is going through their own struggle with patience or waiting, that you find peace as you seek to desire Him more.